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2016년 3월 01일

Finding PSoC and BLE Projects Now Easier

We are pleased to announce a new place on our website where you can find, share and collaborate on PSoC and BLE Projects with the Cypress Developer Community!

Powered by, the new Cypress Developer Community (CDC) features a dedicated place for all new and interesting PSoC projects made by community members like you.

Head over to to find PSoC and BLE projects, or submit your own to share with the world!

2015년 6월 18일

PSoC 4 BLE 100 Projects is back, now sampling 256kb Flash devices!

The BLE 100 Projects blog was on summer vacation for a few weeks, but we're back now!

In the meanwhile, we've released an upgraded version of our PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE devices - now supporting 256kb Flash and 32kb SRAM  that allow for Over-The-Air (OTA) Firmware upgrades without requiring any external memory!

The new versions of the chips are supported in PSoC Creator v3.2 which also includes an upgraded version of the BLE Component.

You can find all of the new information and associated development tools (software and dev kits) here on

2015년 5월 07일

프로젝트 #048: SPI to BLE Peripheral Bridge

In today's project, we demonstrate how to use the BLE Pioneer Kit to implement an SPI-to-BLE Peripheral bridge.

The BLE Component in this project is configured with a two custom Services to act as the SPI-to-BLE bridge - SPI_Read and SPI_Write.

One of the custom Services (SPI_Read) is used to Notify of the data written by the SPI Master, while the second custom Service (SPI_Write) is used to update the SPI TX buffer when a BLE Client tries to write to the GATT database of the Peripheral device.

The project can be verified using the CySmart USB Dongle (included with the BLE Pioneer Kit) to graphically view the BLE GATT database data on a Windows-based PC.

Download this PSoC Creator project along with a detailed PDF of instructions, here from GitHub:


2015년 5월 01일

프로젝트 #047: PSoC 4 BLE - Accelerometer Controlled Car

In today's exanmple project, we demonstrate how to implement an accelerometer controlled car.

In this example, a PSoC 4 BLE device, configured as the GATT Server, measures the accelerometer X, Y and Z axis data using the SAR ADC and translates them into a corresponding gesture. Based on the detected gesture, the BLE GATT Server sends one of the following five comands - Left, Right, Forward, Back or Stop to the BLE GATT ClientThe transmitted information is received by the BLE GATT Client and based on the comand received, it modulates the PWMs to control the DC motors and thus the car.

To view the video of this accelerometer controlled car, click here.

You can download the PSoC 4 BLE Accelerometer (GATT Server) and PSoC 4 BLE Car (GATT Client) PSoC Creator projects from Github:


2015년 4월 30일

프로젝트 #046: PSoC 4 BLE - Cycling Sensor

In today's project, we demonstrate how to configure the BLE component as a Cycling Sensor.

To demonstrate the Cycling Sensor functionality, in this project the BLE component implements a standard Cycling Power Profile (CPP) operating in the Cycling Power Sensor and Broadcaster role and also implements a standard Cycling Speed and Cadence Service. 

You can download this PSoC Creator Project from Github:

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