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Making Made Easy: Cypress' 2016 Maker Faire Journey | Cypress Semiconductor

Making Made Easy: Cypress' 2016 Maker Faire Journey

Our #PSoCMaker team hit the road in May to kick off our 2016 Maker Faire journey, joining innovators from around the globe to celebrate the Maker Movement. We get particularly excited for Maker Faire events because they bring together tech enthusiasts, makers, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors for a common cause – to make cool things.

At Cypress we are completely invested in the Maker Movement, helping you bring your ideas to life. We had an amazing time this year showing off some of our favorite Maker projects created with Cypress’s cutting-edge technology and interacting with fellow makers who share our love for DIY tinkering, toying and engineering.

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From the Bay Area to New York City to Rome (and many stops in between), Makers of all ages joined the #PSoCMaker team for hands-on demos, workshops, raffles, contests and more. Standout favorites included our programmable RC car mini race track demo; the beloved Fruitano – a CapSense®-based piano made of fruit; and our newest Maker demo, the quadcopter.

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The first stop on our Maker Faire Journey landed us in Taipei where the #PSoCMaker team gave show-goers a first look at our 2016 maker-made solutions for home automation, Bluetooth Low Energy, capacitive and proximity-sensing, drones and robots.

After Taipei, the team headed to one of the biggest Maker Faire shows of the year, Bay Area Maker Faire. The Cypress booth was abuzz as DIY enthusiasts joined our team to check out many of the hands-on demos we featured during the show. The remote-controlled car demo was a crowd favorite as makers of all ages stopped by our booth for a chance to program their own car then race it on the mini track in our booth. Winners were suitably rewarded with our easy-to-use PSoC kits! We also held several live PSoC 101 workshops during the show where participants had a chance to win discount coupons and a few coveted dev kits. (Check out our complete library of PSoC 101 video tutorials today!)

Following Bay Area Maker Faire, our team jetted off to Mini-Maker Faire Tokyo to brainstorm with our local maker friends on how PSoC changed the way they create cutting-edge tech. We then headed back to the U.S. to return for our second year at Mini-Maker Faire Seattle (one of our favorite stops in 2015!). The #PSoCMaker team brought a slew of fun demos to the show, including Fruitano and the quadcopter.

Rounding out our 2016 tour, the team landed in New York City for the seventh annual World Maker Faire with everything from RC cars to the drone academy in tow. In addition to 950 Maker entries, Maker Faire New York featured six stages with over 150 presentations and shows!

Spending the weekend with fellow DIY hobbyists who share our passion for the Maker Movement was the perfect way to wrap up our 2016 U.S. tour—but the fun didn’t stop there! A few weeks later, our team travelled to Rome to join our friends at Mouser Electronics and close out our 2016 journey at Maker Faire Rome. During the show, attendees had the chance to win a Cypress dev kit, as well as an Oculus Rift VR headset which features our HX3 USB 3.0 Hub Controllers and allows multiple USB-connected devices to be plugged in at the same time.

We gave away tons of free dev kits and promo gear during all of the shows this year, but the crowd favorite was our new #PSoCMaker t-shirts—stay tuned to learn where we’ll be giving these away next!

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While our team thoroughly enjoys the Maker Faires every year, 2016 was truly one for the books. We look forward to building many more close and interactive relationships with the Makers of tomorrow at the 2017 Maker Faire events!


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