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프로젝트 #023: Segment LCD with BLE | Cypress Semiconductor

프로젝트 #023: Segment LCD with BLE

In today's project, we will learn how to drive segment displays with PSoC 4 BLE, without requiring any external driver ICs. We will also control this display over a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connection.

In this example, PSoC 4 BLE is configured as a Bluetooth Low Energy GAP Peripheral with a custom Profile to communicate with a Segment LCD. The custom Profile contains a Characteristic that is used to send one byte of data to a GAP Central device that can Start/Stop a timer on the LCD. The timer on the LCD is displayed in seconds.

Segment LCDs are displays that can only show digits or alphanumeric characters. They are called segment displays because they are composed of several segments that switch On/Off to draw on the screen. These segments are usually single LEDs or liquid crystals, mostly used in digital watches, pocket calculators, multi-meters, etc. Typically, segment LCDs require an external driver IC, but with PSoC you have direct segment LCD drive capabilities, removing the need for any external driver ICs. The PSoC 4 Segment LCD Component employs a patent-pending digital correlation LCD drive mode, enabling very low power consumption (~3-µA at 30Hz refresh rate). The Component can support LCDs with up to four common and 32 segment electrodes. It can drive 14-segment and 16-segment alphanumeric, 7-segment numeric, and dot matrix displays. In this project, we interface with a glass Segment LCD that has 3 commons and 12 segments. 

To learn more about driving Segment displays with PSoC 4, refer to this application note: AN87391 - PSoC 4 Segment LCD Direct Drive


Using this example, you can implement a true one-chip solution that includes a user interface, a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connection and a microcontroller - all with just one PSoC 4 BLE device!


You can download this PSoC Creator project along with a detailed PDF of instructions, here from GitHub:


   CY8CKIT-142 Chip Image

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