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Bright Future of Internet of Things on Display at “Get WICED” Press Event | Cypress Semiconductor

Bright Future of Internet of Things on Display at “Get WICED” Press Event

With the Internet of Things being one of the hottest topics in the tech industry today, Broadcom and its partners hosted a demo and networking event in San Francisco this week to highlight its WICED™ technology, which is helping to accelerate the IoT ecosystem.

“The challenge of the Internet of Things is that it encompasses so many different applications and products,” said Brian Bedrosian, Broadcom Senior Director, Wireless Connectivity and one of the hosts of the Get WICED event. “It offers a massive number of new ideas that can be applied to connected products, and so many are in spaces that haven’t been created before,” he said.

But as with any new pioneering technology, developers face challenges, like technology standards, security and product development. To address that, Broadcom used the event to unveil the easy-to-use and affordable WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) Sense Development Kit, which is intended to help accelerate product development time and lower costs.

Sporting Broadcom’s latest Bluetooth Smart chip and a Bluetooth 4.1 compatible software stack, the WICED Sense Development Kit contains five micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS): a thermometer, barometer/pressure sensor, compass, gyroscope and accelerometer. The device also comes pre-certified and adheres to all federal regulations. It sells for only $19.99.

Bedrosian explained that the goal behind creating a product like this is to make IoT innovation much more accessible, easy and immediate.

WICED Sense serves as an all-in-one, ready to use, out of the box system that allows anyone with some imagination and a little tech know-how — be they engineers, app developers or even kids — to create a working, shelf-ready prototype for whatever invention they have in mind.

WICED’s ability to enable quick and easy innovation could be seen in the variety of products that were demoed at the press event, ranging from hobbyist consumer products to large-scale enterprise services.

On the consumer end were Grush’s Bluetooth-enabled gaming toothbrush for kids and Mesh Motion’s connected bicycle lock. Both products use Broadcom’s WICED Bluetooth for their connectivity.

Also present were Parrot’s Jumping Sumo MiniDrone, Nod’s motion-sensing ring and a host of products from Quirky.

Closer to the enterprise end of the IoT spectrum is Electric Imp, which offers a plug-and-play platform that allows companies of any scale to quickly and securely incorporate connectivity into their devices. With fully integrated software, hardware, OS, APIs and cloud service, the platform “brings the device into the cloud and the cloud down into the device,” said Bryan Kennedy, Electric Imp’s VP of Strategic Development.

With Broadcom technology and an easy-to-use kit that cuts down on development time and costs, developers across all business and product spectrums have the opportunity to experiment and innovate in the IoT ecosystem.

“We see the value and the potential in all businesses across all tiers,” said Sid Shaw, Broadcom Senior Product Line Manager, Wireless Connectivity.

Shaw also noted that IoT innovation within industrial, medical and consumer products could occur anywhere, from crowd funded start-ups to large, publicly traded OEMs. “The best part about WICED is that people will build things Broadcom hasn’t even thought of. We’re helping spur real innovation,” he said.


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