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Percepio Sneak-Peak Tracealyzer v4 at Arm TechCon | Cypress Semiconductor

Percepio Sneak-Peak Tracealyzer v4 at Arm TechCon

It's Arm TechCon at the Santa Clara Convention Center this week and our friends Percepio are showing off Tracealyzer on the Expo floor. If you are attending the show, take a few minutes to stop by the Emprog Booth (#217) and say hello to Mike, Johan and Cliff. You may even catch me there late in the afternoon (when the free beer comes out!). They will give you a demo of the soon-to-be-released Tracealyzer 4 with improved live data viewing.

This image shows how Tracealyzer easily identifies a classic priority inversion problem (task H is blocked by task M because task L is holding the semaphore it needs).

CY3295 Kit Image
​As you know, Alan and I are big fans of the Percepio tools and we encourage you to check it out and find out how RTOS-aware software tracing really improves your development cycle and time to market. Make sure you say I sent you!



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