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Company Description:

ALCIOM is an experienced and innovative French design house and consulting company, specialized in wireless and sensor systems : Antenna design and optimization, RF transceivers design and integration, microwaves, cost-optimized mixed-signal designs, high speed interfaces, signal processing, EMC optimization.


Our Services:

  • Consulting and expertise in RF, microwave and mixed signals architectures
  • Embedded antenna design, simulation, measurement and optimization
  • Turnkey design of custom wireless and/or mixed-signal devices (software defined radios, sensors, IoT devices, high performance signal acquisition and processing, audio/video, high speed digital interfaces)
  • Cost reduction of existing mixed signals designs


Experienced In:

  • RF and microwaves (0 to 100GHz)
  • Embedded antennas
  • SDR architectures and RF signal chains
  • Micro-controllers and PSoCs
  • Signal acquisition and processing, including DSP/FPGA
  • High speed interfaces (USB3, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI-e, DVI, HDMI)



  • Antennas
  • Audio/signal processing
  • BLE
  • BLE_M
  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth module
  • Capsense
  • IoT
  • PSOC (all)
  • Microwaves
  • Digital signal processing
  • High speed interfaces
  • Sensor and analog interfacing
  • USB (all)
  • Wifi (all)
  • Wireless communications solutions
  • 무선 연결
  • Zigbee


Company Address:

3, Rue des Vignes

Viroflay, 78220




전화: 33 01 47 09 30 51




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Design Consultant