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Company Description:

35engineering is an Engineering Services Firm.

We create new things for people with incredible ideas. We take brilliant concepts and turn them into revenue.

We coordinate with designers, technicians, engineers, as well as manufacturing firms, fabrication specialists and venture capitalists to allow our clients to make informed decisions regarding the concept, design, prototype and manufacture of all kinds of cool stuff: from small electronic gadgets and smartPhone apps, to large scale networked robotics and everything in-between.

Experienced In:

  • System Development
  • Software Development
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • Analog Design
  • Mixed-Signal Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Motion Control/Robotics
  • Programmable Logic Design
  • 계측

Market Segments:

  • Data Communication
  • Storage Networks
  • 무선 통신
  • 산업
  • Consumer
  • Computational
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • 의료


  • System Level Design
  • 비디오
  • Software Development
  • Driver Development
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • 아날로그
  • Mixed-Signal
  • Board design/layout
  • Agency Certification
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Machine Vision
  • Motion Control/Robotics
  • Programmable Logic Design
  • 계측
  • Compliance Testing
  • Industrial/Mechanical Design
  • Embedded Control


Company Address:

8670 West Cheyenne Avenue, Suite 120

Las Vegas, NV 89129



전화: 702-706-3553


팩스: 702-297-6505