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AN15456 - Guide to a Successful EZ-USB® FX2LP Hardware Design | Cypress Semiconductor

AN15456 - Guide to a Successful EZ-USB® FX2LP Hardware Design

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2020년 5월 31일

Building a USB device requires careful attention to design details beyond the USB specification. This application note discusses design topics common to any USB device, focusing on Cypress’s EZ-USB® FX2LP™ devices. The information presented also applies to the older FX1 device and to USB devices in general. The note concludes with a schematic review checklist to help you make any USB hardware design a success, and a description of Cypress software that helps with device checkout.


USB 2.0 brought a significant increase in bandwidth over the 1.1 specification. Offering 40x more bandwidth, it increased the importance of a good PCB design and a careful selection of components surrounding USB chips such as Cypress’s FX2LP. This application note presents a host of USB design topics that apply to any USB device at any speed, but especially to the higher speeds of USB 2.0. Although the discussions are specific to Cypress devices, they also should be helpful in any USB peripheral design.

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