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AN2197 - Stepper Motor Driver for Smart Gauges | Cypress Semiconductor

AN2197 - Stepper Motor Driver for Smart Gauges

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2021년 3월 02일

AN2197 shows how to use the PSoC® (Programmable System-on-Chip) to drive a low-power stepper motor for smart pointer gauges. This application note demonstrates how to perform micro stepping in the stepper motor using PSoC 1. In addition, this application demonstrates using a PC-based utility to control the pointer position in the stepper motor.


The world is digital today, and most of the information is represented in numbers. However, human nature is more ’analog’ and better represented in the old-fashioned way, using pointer gauges and bar graphs.

Pointer gauges are present in many industrial applications. Automobiles, trains, and even modern aircraft dashboards emulate analog gauge functionality on control flat-panel plasma or TFT screens.


PSoC Speed Control Diagram













예제 프로젝트
지원되는 H/W 및 S/W 지원되는 PSoC1 장치
PSoC Designer 버전

H/W 키트









CY3250 Pod with external board        

x23A, x94 


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