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AN407 - A Design Guide to I2C F-RAM Processor Companions | Cypress Semiconductor

AN407 - A Design Guide to I2C F-RAM Processor Companions

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2021년 6월 14일
AN407 provides design guidelines for the I2C F-RAM real-time clock (RTC) Processor Companion, FM31XXX, FM31L2XXX and includes a typical application, an example code, and a PSoC® 3 based user module.

AN407 provides an overview of and design guidelines for the I2C F-RAM™ real-time clock (RTC) Processor Companion parts: FM3164, FM31256, FM31276, FM31278, FM31L276, and FM31L278. This document also includes a typical application, and an example code.


The FM31xx F-RAM product families offer F-RAM memory in 256-Kbit and 64-Kbit densities, with an integrated processor companion and an RTC. The processor companion comprises a power-on system reset, low-voltage detect, a watchdog timer, an early power-fail warning, two event counters, automatic switchover to backup power, and a lockable 64-bit serial number. It employs an industry-standard I2C interface, which is used to access the memory, the processor companion, and the RTC.

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