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AN90799 - PSoC® 4 Interrupts | Cypress Semiconductor

AN90799 - PSoC® 4 Interrupts

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2020년 6월 06일

AN90799 explains the interrupt architecture in PSoC 4 and its configuration in PSoC Creator™. This document serves as a guide in developing interrupt-based projects. Advanced interrupt concepts such as latency, vector selection, interrupt code optimization, and debug techniques are also explained.


Interrupts are an important part of any embedded application. They free the CPU from having to continuously poll for the occurrence of a specific event; it notifies the CPU only when that event occurs. In system-on-chip (SoC) architectures such as PSoC, interrupts are frequently used to communicate the status of on-chip peripherals to the CPU.

PSoC 4 Interrupt Architecture

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