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CR Trimming Functions (PDL_CR) | Cypress Semiconductor

CR Trimming Functions (PDL_CR)

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2018년 2월 27일
  • Trim the high-speed CR clock frequency
  • Adjust for process variation
  • Adjust for ambient temperature changes
  • Register locking to prevent unintended changes
  • Base Timer output for manual trim setting calculation
기호 도식
Cr_Trimming_Symbol Diagram

일반적인 설명

The CR Component enables you to change the factory-set trimming values for the high-speed CR clock (CLKHC) from firmware. This can significantly improve the clock accuracy from the value quoted in the device datasheet.

The CR module from the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) is automatically added to your project. It includes functions to read and modify the trimming values for frequency trimming, which adjusts for variations due to the manufacturing process, and temperature trimming, which adjusts for the temperature at which the device is operating. The Base Timer channel 0 can be used to measure the frequency and calculate the required trim values in real-time.