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최신 업데이트: 
2018년 3월 20일
특징 기호 도식
  • 512 B - 2 KB EEPROM 메모리
  • 1,000,000 cycles, 20-year retention
  • Read/Write 1 byte at a time
  • Program 16 bytes (a row) at a time
EEPROM Eiagram

일반적인 설명

The EEPROM component provides a set of APIs to erase and write data to nonvolatile EEPROM memory. The term write implies that it will erase and then program in one operation.

An EEPROM memory in PSoC devices is organized in arrays. PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP devices offer an EEPROM array of size 512 bytes, 1 KB or 2 KB depending on the device. This array is divided into rows of size 16 bytes each. The API set of the EEPROM component supports write operations at the byte and row levels and erase operation at the sector level. A sector in EEPROM has 64 rows.

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