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VBAT Domain (PDL_VBAT) | Cypress Semiconductor


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2018년 2월 27일
  • Switches to battery power when VCC power is cut
  • Reduces Real-Time Clock (RTC) power consumption
  • Supports RTC, 32kHz oscillator (CLKSO), 4 GPIO, backup registers and the power-on circuit
기호 도식
Vbat_Domain_Symbol Diagram

일반적인 설명

The VBAT power supply pin receives power from a backup power supply (such as a battery cell) and the system power supply (when available and the device is not in low power mode). The VBAT Component allows you to configure the clocking and power profile of the block to match the current source and optimize energy consumption.

When the device is powered through the VBAT Domain most of the circuits are powered down to conserve energy. The RTC and oscillator circuits remain functional to enable super-low power consumption while the device is in a low power state. The power-on circuit remains active to enable the device to exit deep standby mode, which can provide the lowest power consumption possible while still running the RTC.

Note that VBAT Domain is only available on S6E1B devices.

VBAT Component Parameter Editor

VBAT Component Parameter Editor