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CY25811/12/14: Spread Spectrum Clock Generator | Cypress Semiconductor

CY25811/12/14: Spread Spectrum Clock Generator

최신 업데이트: 
2017년 6월 14일

Spread Spectrum Clock Generator


  • 4 to 32 MHz Input Frequency Range
  • 4 to 128 MHz Output Frequency Range
  • Accepts Clock, Crystal, and Resonator Inputs
  • 1x, 2x, and 4x frequency multiplication:
    • CY25811: 1x; CY25812: 2x; CY25814: 4x
  • Center and Down Spread Modulation
  • Low Power Dissipation:
    • 3.3V = 52 mW - typ at 6 MHz
    • 3.3V = 60 mW - typ at 12 MHz
    • 3.3V = 72 mW - typ at 24 MHz
  • 자세한 사항은 pdf를 참조하십시오

기능 설명

The CY25811/12/14 products are Spread Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG) ICs used for the purpose of reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) found in today’s high speed digital electronic systems.

The devices use a Cypress proprietary phase-locked loop (PLL) and Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) technology to synthesize and modulate the frequency of the input clock. By frequency modulating the clock, the measured EMI at the fundamental and harmonic frequencies is greatly reduced.