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CY96800 Series ASSP DC/BLDC Motor controller for 12V-Battery Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor

CY96800 Series ASSP DC/BLDC Motor controller for 12V-Battery Datasheet

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2020년 6월 03일

CY96800 series is DC and BLDC* Motor controller corresponding to 12V-Battery. This series incorporates an built-in voltage regulator operable at 12Vcar battery voltages and including 12V and 5V power supplies, a three-phase motor pre-driver, a charge pump, and 16-bit CPU based on Cypress's advanced F2MC-16FX architecture (16-bit with instruction pipeline for RISC-like performance) The CPU uses the same instruction set as the established F2MC-16LX family thus allowing for easy migration of F2MC-16LX software to the new F2MC-16FX products.

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