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CY3267 PowerPSoC Lighting Evaluation Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3267 PowerPSoC Lighting Evaluation Kit

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2018년 8월 30일
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The CY3267 PowerPSoC™ Lighting Evaluation Kit enables designers to evaluate Cypress' PowerPSoC family of devices and demonstrates their ability to create scalable LED management solutions. The PowerPSoC devices feature high performance power electronics including 1A, 2 MHz power FETs, hysteretic controllers, current sense amplifiers, and PrISM™ modulators to create a complete solution for LED power management. Right out of the box, the CY3267 Kit can be used to evaluate PowerPSoC's ability to drive 4 LED channels (Red, Green, Blue and Amber) at the desired color and brightness output.


Kit Contents

The CY3267 PowerPSoC Lighting Evaluation Kit contains:

  • CY3267 PowerPSoC main board
  • CY3267 LED daughter board
  • 12 V, 2 A power supply
  • Optical diffuser
  • Retractable USB cable
  • CY3217-MiniProg1 Programmer
  • 5 PowerPSoC CY8CLED04D01-56LTXI samples
  • 빠른 시작 가이드
  • Kit CD which includes
    • PSoC Designer
    • PSoC Programmer
    • Intelligent Lighting Control GUI
    • Demo firmware
    • Design files
    • Related documents
  • Out-of-box evaluation experience using the PowerPSoC Main Board, RGBA LED daughter card and Intelligent Lighting Control GUI, all included in the kit
  • Kit default firmware demonstrates HB-LED control with intelligent color mixing using PowerPSoC
  • Interface to custom LED daughter boards through screw terminals from the PowerPSoC mother board
  • Flexible  input voltage options (7 V to 32 V)
  • Debug capability provided by the PowerPSoC On Chip Debugger (OCD) device and RJ-45 jack that connects to CY3215DK ICE Cube Emulation Kit (sold separately)
  • PC USB connectivity through on-board USB controller
  • CY3271 FirstTouch RF Kit* Connector
  • CyFi Radio Module* Connector
  • Access to all Function I/O pins of PowerPSoC for additional design and debug capability

While the Main Board provides connectors for CY3271 FirstTouch RF Kit and the CyFi Radio Module, these are not enabled in the kit default firmware. You can also develop firmware to add a DMX512* or DALI* interface to PowerPSoC and use the 5-pin header J12 to connect to a suitable external interface circuit.

* - Communications hardware not included; contact applications support for assistance


Software Title Description Link
PSoC Designer This kit requires PSoC Designer for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming