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CY3290 - TMA884A TrueTouch™ Evaluation Kit Automotive | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3290 - TMA884A TrueTouch™ Evaluation Kit Automotive

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2020년 2월 20일

Cypress’s CY3290-TMA884A TrueTouch™ Evaluation Kit gives customers and partners the ability to learn and develop with our large touchscreen solution by enabling them to:

  •  Evaluate the TMA884 touchscreen performance
  •  Evaluate and learn the TrueTouch™ Host Emulator software for TMA884
  •  Use I2C out to connect to host controller


CY3290 True Touch Kit Image

CY3290-TMA884A Contents:

  •  TMA884 EVK Assembly with 10.1” diagonal touch screen panel
  •  TrueTouch™ Bridge USB-to-I2C communications adapter
  •  TMA884 touchscreen controller board
  •  Flash drive containing supporting documentation and software

For any further information or for ordering the kit, please email us at

Internal customers can submit a request using the Mysamples link on the intranet.