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CY3675 ClockMaker Clock Programming Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3675 ClockMaker Clock Programming Kit

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2019년 7월 15일

ClockMaker Programming Kit CY3675

The CY3675-CLKMAKER1 Programming Kit enables quick and easy configuration of Cypress’s programmable clocks for evaluation and development purposes. Combined with Cypress’s clock programming software, this kit enables configuration of the target device through a PC’s USB port.

As an upgrade, the CY3675 Programming Kit now supports all the devices that were previously supported by the CY3672 Programming Kit, which is now Obsolete.

The CY3675 Programming Kit is used in conjunction with a socket adapter to program a clock device. Below table summarizes the available socket adapters for various clock devices.

Socket Adapter Kits for CY3675 Description Supported Devices
CY3675 - LCC4A Adapter Board for LCC4A Devices CY25701
CY3675 - SOIC8A Adapter Board for SOIC8A Devices CY25402, CY25403, CY25422, CY25482
CY3675 - QFN24A Adapter Board for QFN24A Devices CY2542, CY2544, CY2545, CY2547, CY2548
CY3675 - LCC6A Adapter Board for LCC6A Devices CY2X013, CY2X014, CY2XF24, CY2XF32, CY2XF33
CY3675 - TSSOP20B Adapter Board for TSSOP20B Devices CY25404


Socket Adapter Kits for CY3675A Description Supported Devices
CY3675 - SOIC8B Adapter Board for SOIC8B Devices CY22381
CY3675 - TSSOP8A Adapter Board for TSSOP8A Devices CY25100
CY3675 - SOIC8C Adapter Board for SOIC8C Devices CY25100
CY3675 - SOIC8D Adapter Board for SOIC8D Devices CY22800, CY22801
CY3675 - TSSOP16A Adapter Board for TSSOP16A Devices CY22392, CY22393, CY22394, CY22395
CY3675 - TSSOP16B Adapter Board for TSSOP16B Devices CY22050, CY22150, CY25200
CY3675 - SSOP28A Adapter Board for SSOP28A Devices CY23FP12

The CY3675-CLKMAKER1 Clock Programmer Kit contents:

  • CD, containing:
    • CY3675-CLKMAKER1 Clock Programming Kit Guide
    • Software installation file: PSoC Programmer
  • Main programming board (CY3675-CLKMAKER1)
  • I2C-USB Bridge (CY3240-I2USB)
  • PSoC® MiniProg (CY3217)
  • USB cable
  • 15V 400mA power supply
  • Four power plug adapters
Software Title Description Link
Clock Programmer Clock Programmer comes bundled with PSoC Programmer. The Download option navigate you to the PSoC Programmer.

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