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MB2146-08-E: Emulator Main Unit for 8FX Microcontroller | Cypress Semiconductor

MB2146-08-E: Emulator Main Unit for 8FX Microcontroller

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2020년 11월 17일

Emulator Main Unit for 8FX Microcontroller

Product is replaced by MB2146-07-E
Please see replacement part(s): MB2146-07-E



Cypress MB95200 series of BGMA featurs small footprint, is powered through USB, can directly perform online debug with actual chip by connecting necessary power cable via single-wire UART, does not occupy user resources on the microcontroller, provides microcontroller system designers with low-cost solution, and is one high performance-cost-ratio supporting tool. It can simulate the microcontroller within the voltage range of 2.7V~5.5V. Its debug function is similar to the debugging environment using simulation chip and supports assembly and high-level languages. The socket has the incorrect insertion protection.

The MB2146-08-E is already included in evaluationboard MB2146-410A-01-E, MB2146-420-01-E and MB2146-430-01-E


The SK-Power-3P-LV2-MC board includes the following features:

  • Low cost, small footprint, high performance
  • It is powered through USB interface and connects to integrated development environment Softune on PC
  • Up to 62.5K of single-wire UART communications and only 5 wires connecting to microncontroller
  • Don't occupy user resources on the microcontroller
  • Writer function
  • Support for C, Assembly or mixed debug

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