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PSoC® 1 키트 | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® 1 키트

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2018년 8월 29일

Kit Classification

PSoC 1 kits are classified into five categories as shown below. See our demonstration video to get an understanding of PSoC 1 kits.

Use our "Kit Selector Guide" to find kits that are suitable for your PSoC 1 device.

Development Kits (DVKs)

Development Kits (DVKs) provide a common development platform where you can prototype and evaluate different PSoC 1 devices.

PSoC 1 Eval Kit Image (CY3210-PSoCEval1)CY3210-PSoCEval1 Evaluation Kit

This kit supports all PSoC Mixed-Signal Array families, including automotive. The evaluation board includes an LCD module, Potentiometer, LEDs, and bread boarding space.

  PSoC 1 Eval USB Plus CapSense Kit Image (CY3214-PSoCEvalUSB)CY3214-PSoCEvalUSB PSoC CapSensePLUS with USB Evaluation Kit

This Kit features a development board for the CY8C24x94 PSoC device. Special features of the board include both USB and capacitive touch sense development and debugging support.

Evaluation Kits (EVKs)
Emulation Kit (POD)
Third Party Kits


Getting Started with PSoC1 and kits

Training/Demo videos
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TJ Rodgers on PSoC 1: The World's First Programmable Embedded System-on-Chip PSoC 소개1 Introduction to PSoC 1 Kit Classification and Selector Guide

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