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AC-DC Power Controller (Product Divested) | Cypress Semiconductor

AC-DC Power Controller (Product Divested)

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2012년 6월 05일

Cypress has transitioned its line of AC-DC power controllers for LED lighting to iWatt, Inc. iWatt will take responsibility for long-term continuity of supply for these products. There will be no change to the appearance, marking, form, fit or function of the affected products when placing orders with iWatt; however external packing and documentation (invoice) will carry the iWatt logo. All Order Entry, Quality, RMA, Applications support and Failure Analysis will be supported by iWatt from 2012년 1월 1일.

Customers are requested to contact iWatt for all business and technical inquiries on AC-DC Power Controllers. Customers can contact iWatt directly at or iWatt sales representatives ( ) for inquiries.

This was announced through Product Change Notices (PCNs) PCN115111 (Issued 18-Nov-2011)