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BLE Qualification and Certification | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE Qualification and Certification

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2015년 2월 11일

Bluetooth Qualification:

Cypress’s BLE solutions pass Bluetooth SIG qualification process and are now listed on the Bluetooth SIG website as certified solutions. Cypress’s qualification is modular, allowing greater flexibility to customers. A list of Cypress’s Qualified Design IDs (QD ID) and Declaration IDs is provided below.

QD ID(s) Declaration ID# Description
63199 D025070 Profiles supported by BLE component in PSoC Creator
61908 D024756 호스트
62243 D024755 Link Layer
62245 D024754 RF-PHY for 56-QFN package
63368 D025068 RF-PHY for 68-ball WLCSP package
62887 D024757 PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE end product (56-QFN package)
63683 D025069 PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE end product (68-ball WLCSP package)

Please refer to for detailed qualification guidelines.

RF Regulatory Certification:

CY8CKIT-142 PSoC 4 BLE and CY5671 PRoC BLE modules are FCC Part 15, Canadian RSS-210 (IC), CE and JRF/TELEC