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Thomas Surrette

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2018년 3월 19일

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Thomas Surrette
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Tom Surrette was named Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Cypress in September 2008.

After working at Philips/Signetics in software, test and product engineering roles, Surrette joined Cypress as a senior test engineer in July 1990.  He completed a series of engineering, manufacturing and technical management assignments and then worked in marketing and product development roles.  Surrette was named the Business Unit Director for Micropower SRAM in 1998, for Synchronous SRAM in 2003, and then Vice President for Non-Volatile Memory in 2005.  While in these roles he completed the acquisition of Micron Technologies' SRAM inventory, executed a series of licensing, development and manufacturing agreements with partner companies, and served on the board of directors for Simtek Corporation.  In 2007, Surrette was named Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Operations for Cypress.

Surrette earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1984 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University in 1990.