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CMSIS-DAP / Spansion-Cypress FM-Link | Cypress Semiconductor

CMSIS-DAP / Spansion-Cypress FM-Link

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2019년 10월 29일

CMSIS-DAP is the interface firmware for a Debug Unit that connects the Debug Port to USB. Debuggers, which execute on a host computer, connect via USB to the Debug Unit and to the Device that runs the application software. The Debug Unit connects via JTAG or SW to the target Device. Arm Cortex processors provide the CoreSight Debug and Trace Unit. CMSIS-DAP supports target devices that contain one or more Cortex processors.

[ the above definition is part of the Arm CMSIS-DAP definition ]

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The Spansion / Cypress implementation called FM-Link integrates the CMSIS-DAP (USB to JTAG/SWD) and adds a Virtual Com Port.

Following functionalities can be used simultaneously:

  • 1 channel JTAG or SWD (Single Wire Debug)
  • Additional 1 channel UART / RS232

[ Spansion / Cypress FM-Link / CMSIS-DAP with Virtual Com Port ]