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Virtual Starter Kit

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2016년 7월 01일

The Virtual Starter Kit provides users a total simulation environment for FM Family microcontrollers. The user can develop the software, without using evaluation board. The target system of Virtual Starter Kit includes not only FM family's microcontroller but also external devices. IDEs currently in use by the developer can be used in this environment. As debug and analysis can be done efficiently, Virtual Starter Kit enables software development to be done in short period of time.


  • Controllability
    • Able to stop and restart the entire system, including peripheral devices (motor, etc.).
    • Able to reproduce 100% of behavior, not limited to bugs.
    • Able to insert errors. (Can precisely insert an error with a predetermined timing in order to test the abnormality system.)
  • Visibility
    • Able to trace signals inside the microcontroller that cannot be seen with an actual device.
  • Safety
    • Is not impacted by physical properties. (Poor contact of connectors, noise.)
    • Is not impacted by environmental factors such as individual differences in boards or ambient temperature.
  • Cost
    • Performs debugging and analysis with excellent efficiency.
    • The built development environment is through a network, so it enables easy deployment to development centers around the world.
    • Enables testing of faults such as wire breakage for signals, without actual physical damage.
    • Does not take up physical storage space. (Able to store many environments on a single hard disk.)
    • Free-of-charge use of evaluation version is available.

Product specification

Function Trial Edition Production Edition Remark
Simulation of the FM Family MCU  
Visualization of the signal on MCU’s pin  
Connection of the debugger Compatible of GDB connection IAR EWARM, Eclipse, etc.
Others KEIL MDK-ARM, etc.
※There are connection conditions by the each debugger. Please contact us for more information.
External device model Connection of standard model Push Switch, DIP Switch, Slider, Terminal program(UART)
Connection of customer model  
Connection change  

Product List

Product name License 부품 번호
Virtual Starter Kit For FM3 Family Trial Edition SP36203431DEVC
Product Edition Floating License 1pcs SP36203431DQAC
Product Edition Node-Lock License 1pcs SP36203431DQBC
Product Edition Floating License Unlimited copies SP36203431DQCC


Document Download Sample Program
Virtual Starter Kit User Manual FM3_MN706-00044-E.pdf  
IAR Embedded Workbench Connection Manual FM3_MN706-00045-E.pdf  
FM3 Peripheral Manual
(MCU Simulator version)
FM3 Peripheral Manual Timer part
(MCU Simulator version)
FM3 Peripheral Manual Analog macro part
(MCU Simulator version)
Application of PWM for FM3 MCU Simulator FM3_AN706-00086-E.pdf

Trial Edition

Product Name Target MCU Download
Virtual Starter Kit For MB9B510R Series FM3 Family
MB9B510R series
MB9B410R series
MB9B310R series
MB9B110R series

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