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Adaptable Embedded Wireless Design with CyFi | Cypress Semiconductor

Adaptable Embedded Wireless Design with CyFi

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2010년 5월 7일

Embedded systems designers are quickly realizing the benefits of going wireless, including reductions in cable costs, aesthetics and ease of installation. These benefits are seen across a multitude of applications, to include: low-power wireless sensor networks, industrial process monitoring and automation, home automation, automatic meter reading and many other applications. Unfortunately, wireless solutions often come with barriers or challenges such as reliability of wireless connectivity, distance limitations due to signal range, complexity of designing-in or attaching a wireless solution, and the dire need for low-power consumption to maximize battery life.

Cypress’s new CyFi Low-Power RF solution, however, addresses all of these challenges in an uncompromising way. It provides a highly reliable, longer range solution that is extremely simple to design and operate, and offers the best system power-efficiency in the market. To read more on this topic, click the download link above.

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