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Designing Low-Cost Single/Multi-Cell Li-ION Battery Chargers | Cypress Semiconductor

Designing Low-Cost Single/Multi-Cell Li-ION Battery Chargers

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2010년 4월 12일

Li-ION rechargeable batteries, with a projected yearly market growth rate of approximately 20%, are widely used in smart phones, portable media players, and digital still cameras. This battery type is widely adopted because of its high energy density on both gravimetric and volumetric basis, low self discharge rate, and low maintenance. Li-Ion batteries are also lighter in weight than NiCad and NiMH batteries. On the other hand, the material nature in the Li-ION cell also introduces higher safety risk: the LiNiO2 layer in the battery cell introduces high voltage and high energy during decomposition. Therefore, safety has always been the focus of Li-ION battery chargers design, and the batteries are usually assembled with a built-in thermistor and protective circuit.  To read more, click the download link below or visit: Low-Power Design.