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Making USB Flash drives secure: Why and How | Cypress Semiconductor

Making USB Flash drives secure: Why and How

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2010년 6월 15일

The USB based memory devices referred to as USB flash drive or “thumb drive” or “pen drive” have indeed revolutionized the way data storage and portability have evolved. Since their inception in 2000, millions of these devices have been manufactured and sold in all corners of the globe. Statistically speaking, approximately 173 Million units of such USB based flash drives were manufactured in the year 2008 alone.

Of late, one of the major challenges facing individuals as well as corporations regarding the USB flash drives is that of data leakage and theft from these devices. There have been a number of cases ranging from misplaced to stolen or misused flash drives reported which have resulted in losses up to 2.5 Million USD from a single such incident!  In the light of such occurrences, there is a need to make the USB based flash devices more secure and ‘leak proof.’  To read more, click the download link below or visit: