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2018년 1월 29일

Supported Devices: CY8C24x94, CY8C27x43, CY8C28xxx, CY8C29x66

General Description:

The Thermistor User Module measures the temperature from a Thermistor using PSoC 1 device. This User Module implements complete Analog Front End (AFE) needed for Thermistor interface. It also implements the required firmware that provides the digital output directly proportional to the temperature.

This User Module implements ratiometric interface for Thermistor. On-chip analog multiplexer is used to switch between the channels. Two buffered references are used to excite the sensor circuit. A Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) that is implemented using continuous time block is used to provide required gain. Then, ADC converts the amplifier’s output to digital format. M8C core converts this digital voltage output into the temperature either using the Steinhart-Hart equation or the Lookup table based on user selection.

PSoC 1 Thermistor User Module Diagram


  • Implements complete AFE for Thermistor interfacing using PSoC 1
  • Calculates temperature either using the Steinhart-Hart equation or the Lookup Table
  • Provides output in signed or unsigned data format
  • Compensates for offset error
  • User Module wizard helps in configuring the User Module quickly
Thermistor Wizard Screen Shot
Thermistor User Module Wizard

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