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QDR SRAM and RLDRAM: A Comparative Analysis | Cypress Semiconductor

QDR SRAM and RLDRAM: A Comparative Analysis

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2010년 11월 02일

Today's high-speed networking applications require high-bandwidth and high-density memory solutions. For instance, typical networking line cards need memories for a variety of operations that include packet buffering, table lookup, and queue management among a host of other functions. Choosing the right memory solution is pivotal to ensuring that the memory bandwidth does not become a bottleneck on the throughput of the application. This white paper discusses memory solutions suitable for networking applications-specifically, Quad Data Rate Static RAM (QDR SRAMs) and Reduced Latency Dynamic RAM (RLDRAM)-and compares them in relation to the applications they are best suited for. To read more about this article, click the download link or go to Network Systems DesignLine.

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