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Mechanical Button Replacement with CapSense MBR3 at 25 cents | Cypress Semiconductor

CapSense® MBR3 Promotion Ended March 31st , 2015


Unbeatable Cost @ 2.5¢ Per Button

  • Industry's Best Capacitive Proximity Sensing, achieving up to 30cm in proximity sensing distance
  • Implement advanced features like wake-on-approach to support ultra-low power applications
  • Implement designs with Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of > 100:1

Works in the Presence of Water

  • CapSense MBR3 works under water droplets, rain, mist and other liquids. Ensuring no false touches even under streaming water
  • SmartSense Auto-tuning continuously compensates for system, manufacturing and environmental change
  • Ensure robust performance in the presence of liquid

No Firmware Development

  • CapSense MBR3 requires no firmware development
  • EZ-Click GUI based software tool configures devices without the need to write any code


CapSense® MBR3 is Cypress's solution for quickly and easily replacing mechanical buttons with sleek and reliable capacitive-sensing user interfaces. The CapSense MBR3 family is the world's easiest capacitive-sensing solution that allows you to design with the click of a mouse using our GUI-based software tool, EZ-Click™.

CapSense MBR3 is an I2C register-configurable solution that can either be used stand-alone or with any host microcontroller.

The Capsense MBR3 evaluation kit (CY3280-MBR3) can either be used stand-alone or as an Arduino sheild.


This limited-time promotion will be valid exclusively for CY8CMBR3110-SX2I - the 10-button, 16-SOIC CapSense MBR3 device. The promotional parts are orderable as part number CG8179AA and are non-refundable, non-cancellable.