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Cypress TrueTouch™ Solution Drives Multi-Touch Touchscreen In Hot New IS03 Smartphone from KDDI | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress TrueTouch™ Solution Drives Multi-Touch Touchscreen In Hot New IS03 Smartphone from KDDI

최신 업데이트: 2011년 1월 3일

New Phone, Designed by Sharp, Uses Flexible PSoC®-Based TrueTouch Solution
To Deliver Responsive, Accurate Multi-Touch User Interface

SAN JOSE, Calif., 2011년 1월 4일 – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: CY) today announced that its TrueTouch™ touchscreen solution implements the brilliant multi-touch touchscreen in the hot new IS03 smartphone from KDDI. The new phone, manufactured by Sharp Communication Systems Group, offers a highly responsive and accurate 3.5-inch LCD display screen.

The IS03 is based on the Android™ 2.1 operating system and allows users to enjoy dozens of Android applications. It offers e-mail support, fast web browsing, GPS support, infrared communications and a 9.6 megapixel camera.

The TrueTouch controller families adapted by IS03 offer an integrated analog sensing engine for the industry’s fastest and most accurate touchscreen user experience. This responsiveness allows tracking of multiple fingers simultaneously with precise x-y locations and without user delays or problems with erroneous “ghost” responses. The devices also offer Cypress’s legendary noise immunity and very low power consumption – an ideal combination for today’s smartphone market. More information on TrueTouch solutions is available at

“The IS03 is a very hot product in Japan for good reason,” said Norm Taffe, executive vice president of Cypress’s Consumer and Computation Division. “It’s a great combination of a smartphone with the advanced features that Japanese mobile users have come to expect. We’re pleased that Sharp continues to count on TrueTouch to deliver accurate and responsive touchscreens for their customers.”

“We are proud of continuing relationship with leading company such as Sharp.” said Hitoshi Yoshizawa, Japan country manager for Cypress. “We will continue to provide the best solutions and support to help them create outstanding products.”

About TrueTouch
The flexible TrueTouch solution allows customers to rapidly develop leading-edge solutions without having to buy turnkey modules. They have a choice of using touch sensors (glass or film) and LCDs from preferred partners, and can develop innovative mechanical designs ranging from flat to curved surfaces of varying thickness. In addition, TrueTouch devices offer Cypress’s legendary noise immunity with patented capacitive sensing technology that enables flawless operation in noisy RF and LCD environments.

The next-generation high performance TMA300 multi-touch all-point family provides best-in-class scan times for true multifinger touch and superior signal-to-noise ratio for the most demanding touchscreen applications. Additional information about the TrueTouch solution is available at

Cypress 정보
Cypress는 제품 출시 기간을 단축하고 탁월한 시스템 가치를 제공하는 프로그램 가능 고성능 혼합 신호 솔루션을 제공합니다. Cypress는 높은 전압 및 LED 조명 애플리케이션용 PowerPSoC® 솔루션, 터치스크린용 CapSense® 터치 센싱 및 TrueTouch™ 솔루션 등과 같은 주요 PSoC® PSoC(Programmable System-on-Chip) 제품군과 파생 제품을 제공합니다. Cypress는 멀티미디어 핸드셋에서 연결성과 성능을 개선하는 고성능 West Bridge® 솔루션을 비롯한 USB 컨트롤러 분야에서 세계 정상급 기업으로, 고성능 메모리와 프로그래밍 가능 타이밍 장치 분야도 선도합니다. Cypress는 소비자, 모바일 핸드셋, 컴퓨팅, 데이터 통신, 자동차, 산업 및 군대 분야를 망라하여 수많은 시장을 지원합니다. Cypress trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at

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Cypress, the Cypress logo and PSoC are registered trademarks and TrueTouch is a trademark of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. All other trademarks are property of their owners.

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