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Cypress의 처음 두 PSoC® 4 제품군을 위한 정식 생산용 실리콘 출시 | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress의 처음 두 PSoC® 4 제품군을 위한 정식 생산용 실리콘 출시

최신 업데이트: 2018년 3월 7일

SAN JOSE, Calif., 2013년 4월 24일 – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) today introduced the first two product families from its PSoC® 4 programmable system-on-chip architecture: the PSoC 4100 and PSoC 4200 families. The PSoC 4100 family, the lowest-cost Arm®-based PSoC, brings PSoC flexibility and integration to cost-sensitive, high-volume applications. The PSoC 4200 family features faster processor and ADC sampling speeds and PLD-based enhanced universal digital blocks (UDBs).


Additionally, Cypress released its new $25 PSoC 4 Pioneer Development Kit, which extends PSoC programmability to the established Arduino marketplace at a price point geared to drive broad accessibility.  Cypress also delivered Service Pack 1 for its PSoC Creator™ 2.2 Integrated Design Environment (IDE), which provides full design support for the 4100 and 4200 families. These products can be ordered/downloaded at


The PSoC 4 programmable system-on-chip architecture combines Cypress’s best-in-class PSoC analog and digital fabric and industry-leading CapSense® capacitive touch technology with Arm’s power-efficient Cortex™-M0 core. This truly scalable, cost-efficient architecture provides access to dozens of free PSoC Components™—“virtual chips” represented by icons in PSoC Creator—all for prices as low as $1. The new PSoC 4 device class will challenge proprietary 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), along with other 32-bit devices.  


“Our first two PSoC 4 device families were specifically designed for high-volume, low-end, 8-bit-, 16-bit and 32-bit embedded applications,” said John Weil, Senior Director of PSoC Marketing for Cypress’s Programmable Systems Division. “There are an almost limitless number of applications that can benefit from the high flexibility, low power and low cost of these families. Our team has executed flawlessly to deliver these products in record time, and our customers are eager to start designing.”


New Silicon
In addition to low-cost, CY8C41XX devices offer enhanced CapSense capacitive-touch sensing. Combined with integrated, intelligent analog components including operational amplifiers, low-power comparators, and a fast successive approximation ADC all on a single chip, the PSoC 4100 family uniquely addresses the general purpose 8- and 16-bit MCU markets, easing the transition from proprietary MCU platforms to a powerful and flexible Arm-based platform.


In addition to more processing horsepower and enhanced digital capabilities, CY8C42XX devices offer best-in-class power leakage of only 150 nA while retaining SRAM memory, programmable logic, and the ability to wake up from an interrupt. In stop mode, these devices consume only 20 nA while maintaining wake-up capability from an I/O pin. The PSoC 4200 family features the widest operating voltage range of any Cortex-M0-based family, enabling full analog and digital operation from 1.71V to 5.5V. Its flexible analog and digital resources make this family the most reconfigurable Arm Cortex-M0 system-on-chip in the market today.


New Software

PSoC Creator 2.2, the IDE for Cypress’s PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP architectures, now includes support for the new PSoC 4 architecture. In addition to a robust compiler and programmer, it allows users to configure PSoC programmable hardware into a custom one-chip solution.  It includes a rich library of over 100 pre-verified, production-ready analog and digital Components that users can drag and drop and configure to suit a broad array of application requirements.


The Service Pack 1 for PSoC Creator 2.2 adds full production support for the PSoC 4100 and PSoC 4200 families. It also includes 12 new PSoC Components designed specifically to support the new capabilities of the PSoC 4 architecture. PSoC Creator 2.2 Service Pack 1 is available for free at


New Kits

The powerful new PSoC 4 Pioneer kit lets designers discover the capabilities of the PSoC 4 architecture. It is highly expandable, including connectors for Arduino™-compatible shields and Digilent®Pmod™daughter cards, enabling customers to pick from a variety of third-party expansion boards. The new kit also includes a CapSense slider, an RGB LED, a pushbutton switch and more. In addition, an onboard PSoC 5LP device serves as the programmer and debugger, eliminating the need for external programmers. The kit is now available to order on Cypress’s website at


In addition to the PSoC 4 Pioneer kit, Cypress will be offering the PSoC 4200 Family Processor Module (CY8CKIT-038) for the PSoC Development Kit (CY8CKIT-001). It allows designers to interchange different PSoC architectures to experience the range of performance options offered by Cypress. The PSoC 4200 Family Processor Module kit will be available for order on Cypress’s website, for more details visit



Both the PSoC 4100 and PSoC 4200 families are available for immediate purchase from Cypress and its authorized distributors, with some parts available for only $1. The PSoC Creator 2.2 Service Pack 1 IDE and the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit are also available today.


MCUs Can’t. PSoC Can.

PSoC solutions bring the flash-based equivalent of a field-programmable ASIC to embedded designs without lead-time or NRE penalties. PSoC integrates configurable analog and digital circuits with an on-chip microcontroller, reducing component count and simplifying revisions. A single PSoC device can integrate as many as 100 peripheral functions, accelerating cycle time and improving quality while reducing board space, power consumption, and system cost.


PSoC “future-proofs” designs, protecting them against last-minute specifications changes. It enables firmware-based changes at any point in the design cycle—even out in the field. All PSoC devices are dynamically reconfigurable, enabling designers to transform resources on-the-fly and to execute tasks with fewer ICs. For more information, please visit Free online training is available at


Cypress 정보

Cypress는 제품 출시 기간을 단축하고 탁월한 시스템 가치를 제공하는 프로그램 가능 고성능 혼합 신호 솔루션을 제공합니다. Cypress offerings include the flagship PSoC 1, PSoC 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5 programmable system-on-chip families. Cypress is the world leader in capacitive user interface solutions including CapSense touch sensing, TrueTouch®touchscreens, and trackpad solutions for notebook PCs and peripherals. Cypress is the world leader in USB controllers, which enhance connectivity and performance in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. Cypress is also the world leader in SRAM and nonvolatile RAM memories. Cypress serves numerous major markets, including consumer, mobile handsets, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial, and military. Cypress trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol CY. Visit Cypress online at


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Cypress, the Cypress logo, PSoC, CapSense and TrueTouch are registered trademarks and PSoC Components and PSoC Creator are trademarks of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. All other trademarks are property of their owners.

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