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Automotive TrueTouch®

New standard for performance with AUTOMOTIVE TrueTouch®

오늘날의 터치스크린 장치는 어려운 환경에 직면해 있습니다. With displays becoming noisier and devices being used in harsher conditions, providing high touch performance demands a tougher touchscreen controller. Automotive TrueTouch touchscreen controllers leverage the industry's broadest capacitive touch IP portfolio to deliver a new standard for performance to automotive touchscreens.

터치 부문 리더가 선사하는 동종 최고의 성능

The Automotive TrueTouch® family offers solutions for single touch, two-finger touch, and full multi-touch capability for screen sizes up to 15-inches diagonal. TrueTouch 컨트롤러는 동급 최고의 사용자 경험을 제공합니다.

  • 탁월한 방수 기능
  • Thick Glove and CapSense button support
  • 빠른 재생율 및 주사 속도
  • 적은 전력 소비
  • 뛰어난 정확도 및 멀티핑거 선형성


업계를 선도하는 탁월한 터치 기술력

Cypress는 세계 최대 터치스크린 솔루션 포트폴리오를 갖추고 있습니다. Our patents cover categories from panel construction and self- and mutual-capacitance sensing to scanning methods, noise immunity, and finger tracking, spanning every major area of touch sensing innovation. 터치스크린 분야를 꾸준히 선도하고 있는 Cypress가 진정으로 혁신적인 솔루션으로 새로운 도전과 시장 추세에 대응하고 있음을 보여줍니다.



Start designing with TrueTouch today!

We offer evaluation and development kits to support our entire platform of touchscreen controllers. Our kits include the necessary design files, documentation, and software to get you up and running quickly.

Cypress makes it easy to design with TrueTouch, providing design, configuration, and tuning support with the TrueTouch Host Emulator tool, and built-in, production-level manufacturing test support with the Manufacturing Test Kit.

Contact us at to learn more or to request kits.

Cypress designed the new TrueTouch CYAT817 touchscreen controller family specifically to meet rigorous automotive quality standards, while enabling innovative driver and passenger usage models. The...
CYAT8165X delivers an impeccable user experience for infotainment systems with small and medium touchscreens. This controller can also be used for touchpads, meets automotive EMC requirements, and...

TrueTouch는 경쟁 상대가 없는 시장 선도 기능을 제공합니다. 터치스크린 시스템에 당사의 독점 기술을 채용하면 놀라운 노이즈 방지 효과를 확인하실 수 있습니다. Cypress는 측면 베젤을 없애고 전반적인 높이를 절반으로 줄인 단일 레이어 센서로 한층 원활한 설계 작업을 지원하며 획기적으로 비용을 절감할 수 있도록 도와줍니다. 또한 확실한 방수, 후버 및 장갑 기능과 같은 최첨단 기능을 비롯해 1 mm 스타일러스 지원 등 단일 칩에서 자체/상호 정전용량 감지가 가능한 독자적인 기술력을 갖추고 있습니다.


Waterproofing enables safe and robust operation with water droplets, condensation or sweat. DualSense™ technology enables measurement of both self- and mutual-Capacitance touch signals where the self-capacitance sensing allows for touch signal detection when the Mutual-Capacitance signal is saturated by water.

  • 손가락에 물기가 있는지 여부에 관계 없이, 정확한 감지가 가능합니다
  • 화면에 물기가 닿아 잘못된 터치로 인식되는 일이 없습니다
  • 습기가 있더라도 터치스크린이 멈추는 오작동이 발생하지 않습니다

Glove Touch

Glove touch enables the driver to use the touchscreen and change settings without having to take of the gloves. Cypress proprietary technology such as 5-V TX and multi-phase TX enable detection of small signals required for thick gloves up to 5-mm material thickness.

  • 최대 5 mm 두께 장갑의 터치 감지
  • Full multitouch functionality with thin gloves (<1 mm), two-finger plus gesture support with thick gloves (>2 mm)
  • No more frozen finger


정전용량 터치 감지 기술을 자동차에 적용할 경우, CapSense 디바이스가 더 큰 프레임워크 내에 존재한다는 점을 염두에 두어야 합니다. Careful attention to every level of detail from PCB layout to user interface to end-use operating environment will lead to robust and reliable system performance.

  • Easy implementation of CapSense and Touchscreen using a single-chip integrated device
  • Reliable CapSense designs that work in harsh automotive environment

TrueTouch Tools: Simplifying the Design Process

Cypress provides the tools you need to complete a capacitive touchscreen design from concept through mass production. Evaluation kits (EVKs) allow you to quickly assess solution performance, while manufacturing test kits (MTKs) and programming and debugging tools help you bring designs to production. TrueTouch Host Emulator (TTHE) software enables you to configure and tune your design, and supports all register-configurable TrueTouch products (Gen4 and later products). Cypress's TrueTouch® drivers are easy-to-integrate, high-performance, extensible software drivers that interface between the TrueTouch controller and a touchscreen device's operating system to accurately report touch input. Cypress delivers TrueTouch Driver for Android (TTDA) and that is also part of the Linux Kernel mainline.

TrueTouch Kits

Cypress offers EVKs so you can evaluate, prototype, and debug complete designs. Kits are available for each product family to support your design. In addition, we offer the Cypress MTK to help you test your sensor hardware both in the prototype and mass production phases; and the TT Bridge Development Kit to program and debug hardware and firmware designs. See the list below for links to our kits.

TrueTouch Host Emulator Software

Cypress's TrueTouch Host Emulator (TTHE) is a PC-based software application that allows you to design, configure, tune and debug TrueTouch solutions. It reduces design cycle time by eliminating the need to manually compile source code, generate a firmware image and program the device. TTHE supports all register-configurable TrueTouch products. It interfaces with the controller on a PCB or an FPC through the TrueTouch Bridge connected to a host PC running TTHE. This supports prototyping and debugging throughout various development stages.