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CIRRENT™ Mobile App Intelligence (MAI) | Cypress Semiconductor

CIRRENT™ Mobile App Intelligence (MAI)

CIRRENT™ Mobile App Intelligence (MAI)

CIRRENT™ Mobile App Intelligence is a cloud software solution that provides data-driven Wi-Fi onboarding improvement, leading to higher connectivity rates and better app reviews. CIRRENT™ MAI uses the free CIRRENT™ App SDK in your IoT mobile app to securely report data into the CIRRENT™ Cloud and provide real-time access for your product management and engineering teams via the CIRRENT™ Console. With CIRRENT™ MAI, your product and software engineering teams can understand mobile app usage and customer environments in order to increase connectivity rates for IoT products in the field. To get started, register for a free account or contact sales for more information.

Higher connectivity rate

  • Identify and fix onboarding steps with a high failure rate
  • Improve customer experience so more customers succeed

Kick off to results in < one month

  • Integrate in less than 2 hours
  • Prebuilt, easy to use, flexible dashboards
  • 50 lines of code for simple integration

Better app reviews

  • Increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Increased user engagement via in-app optimizations
  • Increased app store ratings by average of 1 star
  • Reduced customer support calls and costs