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This product is Not Recommended For New Designs. Visit our Wireless Connectivity home page to check out our new wireless products.

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PRoC-UI is Cypress’s new family of wireless, touch sensing devices. These devices integrate features like capacitive touch sensing, microcontroller functionality and proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless communication to provide a single chip solution for a variety of wireless applications. PRoC-UI has been awarded the prestigious Product of the Year award by Electronic Products Magazine due to these unique feature integration benefits.
  1. Watch the Introduction to PRoC-UI and PRoC-CS Solution for Wireless HID videos
  2. Read the Getting Started with PRoC-UI design guide
  3. Contact Cypress Sales to get the PRoC-UI Development Kit
  4. Start your first PRoC-UI design using the PRoC-UI application notes
  5. Get your schematics reviewed by the Cypress Applications Engineering Team using the Online Tech Support Case System

The PRoC-CS Development Kit enables you to develop applications using PRoC-CS, PRoC-USB or PRoC-EMB.

Contact Cypress Sales to get a kit today!!!


For PRoC-TT designs please contact Cypress Sales to request for support on designs.


    PRoC-TT integrates capacitive touch sensing, gesture detection capability and microcontroller functionality with the low power WirelessUSB-NL radio. The integrated capacitive touch controller supports touch detection on trackpads with fast scan rates of 400μs per sensor.

    Moreover PRoC-TT comes with a gesture library which supports one and two finger gestures including Windows 8 specific gestures for HID applications. PRoC-TT is available in a 68 QFN package (with up to 26 capacitive I/Os).


    • Wireless touch mice
    • Wireless keyboards with built-in trackpads
    • Wireless standalone trackpads
    • Remote controllers with trackpads

    MPN – CYRF89535-68LTXC


          PRoC-UI brings the following value adds to your design:

          • Reduces BOM cost by replacing up to three chips with one
          • Saves board space
          • Reduces power consumption
          • Increases reliability compared with multi-chip
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