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SmartSense™ | Cypress Semiconductor


SmartSense™ is the latest advance from Cypress - the world leader in Capacitive Sensing. With SmartSense’ Cypress has incorporated a sophisticated algorithm which automatically optimizes CapSense® performance in a wide range of applications such as Multi-media buttons, Printers, Bluetooth Headsets etc. Many generic microcontroller solutions available in the market today require customers to identify and optimize many parameters making the tuning a time-consuming process. SmartSense makes Cypress CapSense the easiest solution to use in the market reducing time to market significantly.

Key Features :

  • Automatically adjust for manufacturing variation e.g., parasitic capacitance change due to PCB process variation
  • Easily tunable for multiple overlay material and thickness with one configurable parameter
  • Available in Cypress’s new low-power, 1.71V CapSense family : CY8C20xx6A, CY8CMBRxxxx
  • Support for up to 33 CapSense I/Os and 6 Sliders
  • Use with Proximity Sensing, Waterproofing, LED Dimming etc.
  • Patented CSD algorithm for robust immunity to conducted and radiated noise
  • Available in PSoC Designer 5.0, SP 6 or later
1 Download the "Getting started with CapSense Design Guide"
2 Watch the "CapSense Express with SmartSense Demo" video.
  • SmartSense 데모를 통한 CapSense 설명 동영상은 정전용량이 바뀔 때 자동으로 터치센싱 "버튼"을 조정하는 SmartSense™를 포함하여 Cypress CapSense® Express™ 기술의 여러 가지 기능을 안내합니다. 소프트웨어 또는 펌웨어 개발은 필요치 않습니다. 이 동영상은 CapSense 제품을 처음 사용하는 경우에 매우 유용합니다.
3 Purchase the CY3280-MBR evaluation kit
4 Cypress 개발자 커뮤니티에 가입하세요.